What Natural Product Can I Create For You?

Coco Scrubs is having a brand new contest! Starting today through March 17th Coco Scrubs is asking you to list in the comments WHAT NATURAL PRODUCT CAN I CREATE FOR YOU?

What natural product are you looking for? If you were masterminding Coco Scrubs, what face/body/home product would you make next? A lotion, bath salts, face moisturizer, foot scrub, facial scrub, toothpaste, shampoo, bath bombs, laundry detergent, etc? Be sure to add scents, smells, or other natural ingredients that would make it special and unique. The possibilities are endless.

Just list your idea in the Facebook comments section below and check the box “Post to Facebook”.  This will post your idea on your Facebook wall, and then you can ask your friends to Like your idea to “Vote”.  The person with the most Likes wins.  I will make the winning product and send it to the winner.  If it’s a big hit and you love it then we may keep it around 🙂

Thanks for sharing, for participating and for creating!

Much Love,  Tammy @ Coco Scrubs

What do you think?